Film Theory: Is Wall-E Satan?
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Today Theorists, we are diving into an oldie but a goodie. The classic theory of " Is Wall-E Satan?". I've seen this floating around the internet for a while and was always curious to dip my toes into it and see what I could find to back it up. So that's what I'm going to do! It's time to find out is Wall-E really saved humanity or if he DOOMED them after all!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • DaMemeBoi

    "Is Wall-E Satan?" Is by far the strangest notification I've gotten

    • Itz_mintey gacha
      Itz_mintey gacha

      Same 😂

    • CEZIL Calvillo
      CEZIL Calvillo

      Mm there’s worse

    • Ratheartz Gaming
      Ratheartz Gaming

      Well congrats on the pin

    • Bicillenium


    • Dr. Dapper
      Dr. Dapper


  • silver bee
    silver bee

    I am just now clicked the video and I feel like there's going to be a reference to the robot demon from Futurama. Literally couple seconds in and there it was.

  • Makoto Twyman
    Makoto Twyman

    i love how matpat uses the god picture of god from monty python and the holy grail

  • Janus

    okay, i know no one will read this, but if anything this makes much more sense with the ship not actually being a great place for humans in the long term. look at it as an iconoclast. satan gave humans the knowledge of good and evil, but also free will , even if they had to live hard lives they could choose their fate, experience joy from knowing pain. in the garden of eden, while yes adam had to work, there was still no conflict, nothing to strive toward. if anything, this makes the satan theory much more grounded. i dont actually think the story is about that, but i think this shows how good it is that humans can interpret and think about stories they consume.

  • Ellen Cameron
    Ellen Cameron

    It's more likely an allegory for the story of Noah and the Ark. The world was in a mess so they built an ark (Axiom). They then sent a dove (Eve) to see if the world was habitable again (the dove brought an olive branch, Eve found the plant in the boot) so that they may return.

  • Highway vids
    Highway vids

    MatPat . Stop picking on Wall e please

  • Carlos

    Anyone else just grow an extra appreciation for life after Mat talked about what paradise is the

  • •໐๑นคti¢•

    I remeber the theory of wall-e is based on based on noahs arch and am pretty sure that was comfirmed hmm idk what happend to that one its been at least 3-5 since i seen that one

  • casey lucas
    casey lucas

    The adam and eve story is wrong. The serpent is God. Why would a God wants to keep people in a garden where they can't leave keep them naked and ignorant? The serpent bestowed knowledge to us.

  • Black Pitch_13_Nivek
    Black Pitch_13_Nivek

    #PizzaPlant 🍕 🪴

  • first side
    first side

    bro wtf

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda

    Lmao,my cousin is a Garden

  • Dale Andrews
    Dale Andrews

    Can we get a Jafar was right theory?

  • Furret

    3:25 familiar

  • speedy hedgehog
    speedy hedgehog

    being all scared about 666 is absolutely dumb. its even the wrong number. the devils' number is 616. plus, being scared of something makes the thing more powerful. eventually it will be a problem. 666 and 616 are both numbers and always will be.

  • midnight muffins
    midnight muffins

    I think your right. I don't think it is crazy.

  • MR.Twentysix

    You're actually completely wrong in that theory. With a couple of things The first one is the fact that it's not 666 it's the 999 . 666 is just a humorous perverted word. Next happiness actualy you can't make somebody happy. You can't tell them what makes them happy. You can't give them happiness. Happiness is something that you have to achieve on your own. And that could be anything. Greed, gluttony, lust, envy, pride, wrath, sloth, none of these are sin. They're a human desires. If everything is handed to us without any effort then we have nothing to strive to climb up. Because we are at the pitomy of perfection and if we're perfect we are in perfect because we cannot grow. Those that are not perfect can climb the ladder of perfection which is infinite. And those that see you above the ladder so high will be envious and want to climb the ladder as well. And thus it becomes their greedy obsession that they lust for. Which in the end they too then climb the ladder of perfection to follow their pursuit of envious greedy gluttony desire. But be slothful when pursuing for you may end up on an unfavorable situation by rushing into fast. Most haste makes waste and more favorable options may be a mess

  • Alex Puerto
    Alex Puerto

    Keep in mind that 666 refers to the emperor of an specific time. So in reallity the only onmen. The number has is the one your own mind gives it. You can always fight gravity

  • Bob Martin
    Bob Martin

    A lot of satanist see the devil as a savior figure. Saving humanity from the false god’s prison of ignorance and giving us choice, freedom.

  • Fid studio
    Fid studio

  • Ultimate Knight
    Ultimate Knight

    When I got the notification of walle being Satan I was like dafuq was matpat binging on

  • Carlo Stankewitz
    Carlo Stankewitz

    Wall-e was the most boring Pixar movie, only seen it once and have no reason to see it again, NGL this theory kinda boring me

  • monke


  • Mila Jakub
    Mila Jakub

    mat get out

  • John Porteous
    John Porteous

    Wall-E is a specific Satan: the Gnostic serpent.

  • Yvette Luntayao
    Yvette Luntayao

    13:04 i like this Of course robots are literally machines My robot literally coming soon after like 5 years And might be torture for me of building it

  • god T
    god T

    everyone always spinning content over their head just to make content because they can't think of any content .. I'm getting Movie rehash Vibes

  • Alex Triestman
    Alex Triestman

    “the meek shall inherit the earth”

  • Santa Duck
    Santa Duck

    Rick and morty

  • Izzy has arrived
    Izzy has arrived

    matpats mom: see this is why we don't invite you to movie night anymore

  • Hen0rix


  • Bratzie

    Boy oh boy did Little Light Studios use this

  • Flame

    Tbh, god just seems like a bad person

    • Bratzie

      He isnt. In fact hes the only good thing ever

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    Dude chill

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    Wha-what? What the frick? WHAT

  • journey cook
    journey cook

    Oh Lord he's lost his marbles

  • RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle Wars
    RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle Wars

    Don't be so surprised by the Satanic theme hidden in Wall-E, the elites who control Hollywood worship satan. They put masonic images in the background of scenes as props, they use numbers that add up to 666 like its shown here, they use the number 33 because they are 33rd degree freemasons or use the color orange to represent that number. They throw the 666 hand sign which most people think is just an "OK" sign. They throw plenty of satanic symbolism in our faces in movies constantly, but only those who are awake to this will actually see it for what it is.

    • Bratzie

      Wnat other colors are symbolic to the masons?

  • Yakamura Chen Abacar
    Yakamura Chen Abacar

    Film theory in a nutshell: *sees coincidence* THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE And you’re also just comparing what they do not the results.


    I think that Walle-E was reading the bible the other day and he thought axium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T B D
    T B D

    You should my make a video about the marshmello old spice video, because I couldn't tell if that was his real face or not.

  • Happy gamr
    Happy gamr

    “Must be a dry month for them”

  • shawn carlson
    shawn carlson

    I'm just here to see how far this rabbit hole goes

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Wall- satan hm. S no s? Ok a no a? Alr t no t? Wa'bout n? No???? I guess its wall e then.

    • Nobody asked but
      Nobody asked but

      Deleting after 2 weeks Cuz

  • YourAverageRoblox”gamer”

    Imagine watching wall e and you check your phone and see this: Is wall-e satan?

  • Mr. Triple Threat
    Mr. Triple Threat

    Plot twist: The axiom is the work of emperor Nero

  • 8th Day Adventist
    8th Day Adventist

    Little Light Studios did a great video about Wall-E being Satan. They made it 3 years ago. They have an even better documentary about Avenger's movies being all constant retellings of the Bible. Avenger's Endgame is about the book of Revelation. Very interesting. How deep does this rabbit hole go? And if it is true, then can we conclude that the movie makers are Satanists? They are all freemasons, and freemasonry teaches that Satan is good and Jesus is evil, in the final 33rd degree of freemasonry.

  • phoenix1977

    my problem with the bible version of the garden is with god himself and his anger towards adam and eve. it was god who created the garden, who created the apple of knowledge, AND who planted the tree it grew on in the garden. sure , you could argue that satan egged eve on, but had god not created the tree and apple in the first place, let alone plant it in the garden, then satan would not have been able too even do anything. also, satan means lightbringer , and light back then came from the sun, and the sun gives us life. so not only does satan almost litterally mean livegiver, he also wants to give humans information too use. where as god wants to opress and dominate the ignorant humans he wants to keep that way.

  • Mastersef

    Matpat could you stop talking about ehhem satan please i choose to only want to believe in god and jesus and i dont like it when other people talk about it

  • Aaron Sotelo
    Aaron Sotelo

    I guess MatPat is not a believer in God. MatPat really made the Bible look bad. I’m really offended.

  • kelly Goodman
    kelly Goodman

    I never liked walle now I know why

  • Stefan Laemers
    Stefan Laemers

    Also this:

  • train gamer 20
    train gamer 20

    With the amount of theories. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow come up with a theory on Thomas the tank engine.

  • no body
    no body


  • Chad Austin
    Chad Austin

    Rick and morty is about murder

  • Jucci jo
    Jucci jo


  • Ismini Doulgeri
    Ismini Doulgeri

    are you seriously expecting people to believe this? also why do you do this to my man wall- e

    • Shequille George
      Shequille George

      Well some people at wall-e is satan but not from matpat

  • Luke Harlow
    Luke Harlow

    is matpat jesus

  • Crap-posting Cyrus
    Crap-posting Cyrus

    I came here because of the new emkay video

  • Paco delp
    Paco delp

    The Genesis account never mentioned the fruit of the knowledge of god and evil being an apple. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Hollywood is run secret society. Cia run Hollywood. They programme people by films don't watch they are so dark most actor are demons possessed.

  • Desert Valley Garage
    Desert Valley Garage

    You should check out other Pixar films to see if there are other subliminal messages like that of Wall-E.

  • warriorMDX

    whats next the red dot in the target logo is penniwises balloon?

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio

    God bless everyone Jesus loves u

  • Joseph Olive
    Joseph Olive

    How are there BABIES?

  • Z-rod Stanford
    Z-rod Stanford

    "Wall-E the Satanic Savior of Earth? - LED" on SVsoft Here's a more biblical perspective.

    • Tyrone the Storyboard
      Tyrone the Storyboard

      @Z-rod Stanford thats a part of his character, also he's an atheist so what did you expect, and as for the video I seen it before still choosing this video tho, stopped watching their content a year ago, I have had a headache since... 😂

    • Z-rod Stanford
      Z-rod Stanford

      @Tyrone the Storyboard well the link I put is from a Christian Channel. 👍😁 So you might like it. But I don't understand why as a Christian you would stick with matpat on this one. His chanel doesn't touch biblical topics, and when he is talking about the word of God he says "blah blah blah" in the middle of reading it like its not important.

    • Tyrone the Storyboard
      Tyrone the Storyboard

      As a Christian I'll stick to Matpat

    • Shequille George
      Shequille George

      Feel matpat did a more good job on this

  • Josh Porter
    Josh Porter

    It's weird how close matpat's first description of the garden of eden gets to the Mormon description of it. Like being in a "state of innocence" knowing "no good nor evil" and how it was only after Adam fell that men had pain, but also joy. Anyway that's my 2 cents.

  • Francomartine Mangiliman
    Francomartine Mangiliman

    I thought her name is eva

  • Rigoberto Godoy F.
    Rigoberto Godoy F.

    Honestly I´m starting to be kinda skeptic about the fact the WALL-E is one of your favorite movies XD

  • lo

    Honestly it would make more sense if the axium was the rapture....and then when the plant comes it means it's time to go back to the new earth

  • Kane 1
    Kane 1

    You have no proof is Wall-E is satan you so dumb lol

  • Intellectual’s Playground
    Intellectual’s Playground

    Umm...MatPat. 133*5=665. Just thought you might want to know that. You REALLY should not have carried that one.

  • smooth collision
    smooth collision

    Nah, Wall-E is still Satan, but Satan is the hero of the Story! lmao jk

  • גל אדרעי
    גל אדרעי

    It's kind of annoying to me that when showing Satan Wall-E he held a stick with a snake on it which it the sign of the Greek god of medicine Ascelpius. Just sayin

  • john doe
    john doe

    My favorite movie of all time may be ruinedz

  • Kshitij R Phutane
    Kshitij R Phutane

    I read it as 'is wall e-satan

  • Sunny The Great
    Sunny The Great

    The ship is almost a paradise, because there needs to be at least one challenging task/hobby to prevent boredom

  • Elijah Bergeron
    Elijah Bergeron

    2:20 you forgot the air quotes; it's "unlimited "cupcake" in a cup refills." Also, 11:51 has a great easssssster egg for Ninjago fans like me.

  • Saxel Adude
    Saxel Adude

    what people hate putting Ikea furniture together it's a lot better than putting together furniture from other companies

  • joel cartagena
    joel cartagena

    Where do the babies come from in wall E

  • Kasaen

    Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • James Holden
    James Holden

    What is the film theory on the other ships from Wall E?

  • Jason Cabral
    Jason Cabral

    Anyone ever think that uh, idk.... THERES NO ANIMALS ON EARTH ANYMORE 😂 BAHAHA

  • X-CharaPlayz

    Instead of Wall-E being satan, it should be B&L because B&L made Wall-E to clean earth

  • Carlos Salazar
    Carlos Salazar

    I have a theory: mad pat knew google stadia was gonna fail and did the presentation only for money


    Next theory "wallie killed the other wallies

  • Tuugeboi

    ...but it's 670 years from 2105 to 2775, not 666

  • MikeyMotion Stories
    MikeyMotion Stories

    I came here for a film theory and that’s what I got.

  • Tanner H
    Tanner H

    Are the passengers in WALL-E cannibals? Is WALL-E a cannibal? *Is WALL-E Satan?*

  • Demaunix Animations
    Demaunix Animations

    "Wall-E is Jesus" Welcome to 2021 everybody

  • Foxboy Dragon
    Foxboy Dragon

    *Sees the title* *Loads shotgun with malicious intent* You say wot MATE?!

  • J Movies & Media
    J Movies & Media

    L😂L Mat completely missed that all Wall-E does is work. That and Adam & Eve were supposed to populate the earth. HELLO?!!! Wall-E isn't Satan he's Adam. Auto is obviously Satan keeping the planet from ever being populated again. I mean I'm not that intelligent and I can figure this stuff out. Maybe I should go into the movie theory business. 😉 Auto is the one who sends robots like Eve to Earth only to give humans false hope that is until Eve finds a plant herself. She then brings Wall-E aka Adam to the knowledge of the planet and he then helps her bring the plant back to the Axium where Captain Sparo opens a book of knowledge. The Axium computer aka God informs the captain of the truth about the planet. Auto aka Satan doesn't stop them from learning the knowledge but rather tries to stop them from giving the Axium the plant so the Axium computer aka God can help them repopulate the earth. That's not just a theory it's literally from the book of knowledge. Mat needs to read more.

  • jayceh

    It makes sense if the heaven in the Bible is just propaganda for a pretty evil "god" and heaven is basically just Axiom - a prison for the ignorant. Then wall E would be a great commentary on the Bible. The devil that the Bible tries to scare us about is really just humanism and freedom - where prison/paradise is no longer needed.

  • Polo da Explore-o
    Polo da Explore-o

    Did they ever find scooby doo?

  • raper

    How did he get the SCP foundation logo

  • Nash Unrau
    Nash Unrau


  • Natural Instinct
    Natural Instinct

    That's the wildest conspiracy theory I've seen

  • Kasaen

    Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • Lucass Haus
    Lucass Haus

    Lets just ignore all that wally has in the rest of the moviep

  • Panface


  • TheDiamondChris Productions
    TheDiamondChris Productions

    If you look at it in the Jesus angle, WALL-E giving the plant could represent the salvation Jesus gave us and eve was trying to spread the word while auto pilot represents the pharisees/roman empire trying to silence it while the captain could represent nicodemus who wants to know about this salvation.