Film Theory: We're Watching Evil Morty's Origin Story! (Rick and Morty Season 5)
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This season of Rick and Morty feels different... and I'm not the only one to think so! Many fans of the series have pointed out how this felt like a return to season on Rick and Morty, dropping the more overarching story feel of the past few seasons. I think that was done for a REASON! A reason that I think is based on something fans have been asking to see for a long time - Evil Morty's origin story! Theorists, get ready for a wild timey-wimey ride!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Crusty

    Same Rick, different Morty, different family.

  • Darth Taco
    Darth Taco

    Evil Morty and this season 5 Morty also look very similar

  • Derek Fisher
    Derek Fisher

    OK, this actually helps ease my OCD, everybody was sitting in the wrong seats at the dinner table, the idea that these aren't the normal rock and morty explains that

    • The Ricorty Theorist
      The Ricorty Theorist

      Rick and Morty Conspiracy teaser

  • Ray Getard
    Ray Getard

    You were just proven wrong. Rick was referred to as C-137 in today’s episode

    • Crusty

      Same Rick, different Morty, different family.

    • The Ricorty Theorist
      The Ricorty Theorist

      Rick and Morty Conspiracy teaser

  • Gaming at its Finest
    Gaming at its Finest

    MatPat, how about you do a Futurama video. in my opinion I want to see how many timelines there are. There are so many times we see the crew dying in different places btu which timeline is the true one? If you don't make one then I will make myself one from blackjack, and hookers.

    • The Ricorty Theorist
      The Ricorty Theorist

      Rick and Morty Conspiracy teaser

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia

    The entertaining foot gradually communicate because verse uniquely spark underneath a married vinyl. stimulating, juicy railway

  • Daniel Olson
    Daniel Olson

    MatPat Sama you said that there’s nothing important in the first episode but when Marty goes back in the 20s all of the dogs and other guns on his arms to get the wine for Jessica he leaves behind a robotic arm of the dogs study I don’t know if it means anything but the focus in on it and it robotic arm like evil Morty’s also we know that the show is canonical timeline because Rick tells nimbus to not create canonical timeline when he mentions his ex wife

  • Kwandokuhle Mhlongo
    Kwandokuhle Mhlongo

    Holy sh!t

  • Micha Muller
    Micha Muller

    5:42 mr nimbus did mention the mermaid thing in the end of the episode though. Which, if this theory is true, would suggest that the morty from season 3, or maybe just that episode, was also evil morty.

  • Jack Monteiro
    Jack Monteiro

    If this theory isn’t real, then this show has no hope😢

  • CallMeEn

    Some easter eggs, in the first episode of season 5 we can see one of the crystal showing rick as a terorist in Lawnmower Dog back in Season 1. If the crystals are showing possible futures, then doesn't it mean this episode is somewhat a flashback?

  • _

    I bet season 5 is the nice rick and the evil morty thing

  • KirliosX

    it would be honestly so cool if this was a prequel season

  • DinoZX Z
    DinoZX Z

    ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT LISTEN, WHAT IF THE MORTY AND RICK WE ARE SEEING AFTER EPISODE 2 ARE *DECOYS* ? That would explain the behavior, and everything, and the creators would put something like Beth's mistery in season 3 except it's with all the family! it's probably wrong, but there is the idea.

  • Shihoblade

    Pretty sure mr.Nimbus mentions the "mermaid puss" incident which either implies he knew about it or found out about it later.

  • けつ

    Lol a massive stretch that overlooks the callbacks and continuity details. Then again all of these theories are a stretch. Cartoon characters almost never age and the "years" morty referred to was probably just a subtle 4th wall break referring to real time.

    • けつ

      Despite all of this, if it does turn out to be true I'll be happy because I won't expect it and I'll be shocked.

  • Adolfo Javier
    Adolfo Javier

    Waiting for that sperm episode and the Voltron version of R&M where summer took over

  • Christian Trent
    Christian Trent

    3:05 don’t let steph here that

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen

    uh oh, it's the darkest timeline

  • Sofyan Saleh
    Sofyan Saleh

    The only thing thats weird is rick dont use the portal gun

  • Don'tReadMyName

    In the ferret tron episode one of the ricks refer to Rick as c-137 Rick, so there's that

  • Joshua Deschamps
    Joshua Deschamps

    YOOO im watching the newer episodes right now and I honest to god Think Bruce Chutback is Jerry’s lost son, Look at em side by side.

  • ytgadfly

    maggie is still a baby after 30+ yrs on the simpsons! do any cartoon children ever age? not sure that is a sign of anything

    • Crusty

      The Simpsons as well as Family Guy and American Dad are more like gag shows. They are somewhat chronological, but don't dive into canon or consistency like Rick and Morty does. Which is why this new season is so weird.

  • Antonito G
    Antonito G

    5:58 One issue with this theory is that Rick claims to have had seggs with mermaids after leaving atlantis with Morty, and in the season 5 premiere Nimbus states the fact that someone has done so, and after finding out Rick had done it he becomes angry. So they must be connected. Still cool to think about though

    • Crusty

      Or this timeline or universe Rick went and did it beforehand.

  • ernesto yepez
    ernesto yepez

    I ussualy dont belive.. but I want to belive

  • Lorcan Savage
    Lorcan Savage

    Godfather Rick names him as C -137 in the go bots episode

  • bruh

    Personally I think this theory is wrong because of the many hints we are given in season 5. Here is a list of discrepancies that confirm that our Rick and Morty is our Rick and Morty. Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion - In the Garage scene. One of the ricks literally refer to him as “C-137” which is our Rick that we have been knowing. Amortycan Grickfitti - Summer tells the car to remember “Keep Summer Safe” which was in one of the previous seasons. That’s all I know for now

  • the greatest piece of toast
    the greatest piece of toast

    You mad genius!

  • Greasy Donuts
    Greasy Donuts

    🤔 how come all the intros change except for the last sequence with the flying monster chasing them

  • lil dac
    lil dac

    Yeah but when morty was looking out the window when planetina was leaving you could see the graves

  • OutroTheFunkyJolteon

    I thing morty is ash ketchum

  • ViviStarBread

    I don't this this theory is true since we see the graves from season one in the Planetina episode when Morty brakes up with her and she fly's away


    Thooo at the episode we saw evil morty becoming mayor we saw rick and morty from c-137 talking about a mermaid they saw that was worth it and rick at season 5 ep 1 said to nimbus about that mermaid

  • Arthur Darwish
    Arthur Darwish

    If the rickest rick has the mortiest morty then the mortiest Rick would have the rickest morty

  • damienfarron

    were watching the rickest morty and the mortyest rick

  • Dean

    I agree, this season has not once referenced C137. Something is about to happen.

  • Lea Sundstrøm
    Lea Sundstrøm

    have you seen the last episode Rick gets called c137

  • StickyKeys

    Just want to say that we only really know it’s c-137 when we either see the grave in the backyard or they say “c-137”

  • Mad_Hatter

    I really hope you're right about this because that would be a major mind f***k

  • Sans

    Our morty is legit the morty of all mortys

  • Turtwig Productions
    Turtwig Productions

    Doesn’t the gogofarret episode with the weird power rangers thing prove this theory wrong? The episode came out 2 weeks ago. It mentions that they are c137 or something.

  • Sim Sam
    Sim Sam

    In the most recent episode Rick is called "C-137" and i'm curious for Mat's video soon

  • Afu123best

    If this is true, probably the best twist will be ruined for 2 million people and me

  • Afu123best

    If this is true, I will hate you forever

  • Ravi Makwana
    Ravi Makwana

    wow just as expected from you Awesome

  • Bria Skye
    Bria Skye

    The more episodes that come out the more I’m convinced that this theory is true. It seems like every episode morty gets his heart broken and he’s that much closer to becoming evil morty

    • DinoZX Z
      DinoZX Z

      in episode 7 rick is mentioned as "C-137" so he is our rick.

  • Josephine S
    Josephine S

    Random thought evil Morty is a back up morty that survived

  • Maxwell_sh

    Also did you notice in (I forget the episode) when Rick rhetorically asks "how long have I been living with you?" then for some reason says "be VERRYYYY careful how you answer that question." HMMM??

  • Gregt Ni
    Gregt Ni

    Plot twist: The new writers are just bad and Dan harmon is overwriting a show that shines the most when justin is ad-libbing

  • nathan

    The problem with this theory. The passing refrince in episode one to the families therapist from season 3. Which just strikes me as off. There is a solution for this. They show that in every universe their is a family therapist then that would mean that this could be evil Morty (honestly I want this to be evil Morty because he is in my favorite episode s3e7)

  • Rebellious One
    Rebellious One

    And then in the end of season 6 we'll have evil Morty vs the Mortiest Morty and Rick's tragic death : / (Don't take me seriously I'm just talking random crap, thank you for understanding you toxic crap who was about to rage on me for no reason. Here's something for you ❤️)

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Woooowwwww thanks for the spoiler warnings…

  • Minecraft Nerd
    Minecraft Nerd

    I’m watching this whilst playing fortnite as Rick

  • Andy Syark
    Andy Syark

    Gonna stick with this theory until end of season. Yes there are some inconsistency. But heck its rick and morty. Rmb futurama? Crazy setup crazy results. Consistence? Never. Great show? Yes

  • Bleep bloop Bloop bleep
    Bleep bloop Bloop bleep

    I thought that the one episode where they remove the toxic part from them that it says that Morty is from the Mid-west though

  • Shane Champion
    Shane Champion

    Seems it was confirmed within episodes 7 of Season 5 that it is rick C137 in 7:10-7:16 (you can see it on kimcartoon) in the episode

    • Shane Champion
      Shane Champion

      Could be a big trick for all we know

  • Alan Feng
    Alan Feng

    This also makes sense because Morty is so .... competent. He manages the wine situation, he has adventures on his own. That's already different from Morty C-137

  • Anton Ego
    Anton Ego

    Welp this theory got torn apart by the comments...

  • deathocats

    If this season is leading to Evil Morty, it could also be leading to The Citadel of Ricks & The Council! If gathering AU Ricks & Mortys was easy as recruiting some from The Citadel, they could have probably made the Go-Go-Go-Gotron in that time [625 pilots], if not the GO-Go-Go-Go-Gotron [3,125], or in a joint venture with The Citadel gone a level beyond that. But there's no clue The Citadel exists, even to be purposefully avoided! But the Gotron episode demonstrates Ricks can work together against greater threats than they could handle alone, and the decoy families episode shows that such threats will arise, even if they're a side effect of defensive measures. One of the other Ricks may take inspiration to form a more general alliance, & things grow from there.

  • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    I've been saying this since the episode inside santa. You're not gery big brain, are you, MatPat?

    • FerretZinca

      Season 5, Episode 7 Rick: "Im c137 rick, thats etc etc etc" wont spoil what happens in the episode but they do say they are the original

  • Blayne Ownby
    Blayne Ownby

    No... this can not be true remember in season 5 episode 1 he tells nibibus about “ d daying that mermaid p” which is a reference to season 3 episode 7 the beginning and the end, which means that it IS in chronological order, sorry 4 ruining the theory

    • FerretZinca

      @minial001 Im not saying its his fault, im saying his theory was wrong. Or at the very least, semi wrong.

    • minial001

      @FerretZinca Ep 7 wasn't released when this came out, so that's not really matt's fault

    • FerretZinca

      @Blayne Ownby Not to only say episode 7 s5, they straight up say "We are c137 rick and morty."

    • Blayne Ownby
      Blayne Ownby

      Oh or maybe I’m not understanding it lol

  • Zach H
    Zach H

    The new writers watching this video and all their hard work get turned into a crazy twist that won't happen: 👀

  • Zach H
    Zach H

    I've seen a lot of comments about the graves in the background from the Rick and Morty they replaced, but they replaced a parallel universe Rick and Morty. Meaning for any universe, with any Rick, there could be a very similar universe, bar say.. an apocalyptuc event. There's no way that the Rick from previous seasons is the only Rick to have thought of the idea.

  • This Is James
    This Is James

    that can't be a different reality as season 5 has had space Beth and many references have been made about previous episodes

  • jessie White
    jessie White

    Rick has been in love before, remember unity? Beths mom?

  • WiggleZee

    This theory is good but it has a lot of continuity errors in fact the episode Rick Potion #9 kinda disproves the timeline part of this theory because they change dimensions, and the c-132 Morty might have been a different age than the c-137 Morty , They also make a throwaway joke Morty’s Mind Blowers that they change dimensions again. So the theory may or may not be true. who knows? It would be a cool twist and the show kinda set it up in The Ricklantis Mixup.

  • Lucy Larson 2
    Lucy Larson 2

    Yeah I pretty much agree with Lucy Larsson Because even though you think that morty is A ninth grader he is pretty much an eighth grader due to him acting like an eighth grader with his behavior and it makes sense for a 14 year old eighth grader to get A fiancé for some eighth graders and some not so much because of choices and jeans for my opinion

  • Lucy Larsson
    Lucy Larsson

    BTW Morty in Rick and morty is A middle Schooler not a highschooler just because he’s in eighth grade not ninth but eighth grade and also what morty behavior is a 14 year old behavior like Even though you don’t think morty is acting like a 14-year-old in Rick and morty because some 14 year olds have gfs and some 14 year old bf and gfs one which is the same age or older or younger gets a good relationship I think morty is approved as a 14 year old because it makes sense that Morty in Rick and morty get a fiancé as a 14-year-old I can’t trust The theory that morty is no longer a 14 year old

  • Sad -
    Sad -


  • Nicu Strimbopol
    Nicu Strimbopol

    Wow The new rick and morty episode (7) Really proves this theory I wont spoil it to you guys but its a fun episode

  • king of toasters
    king of toasters

    I like what you’re selling in this vid….. but you forgot a smaller detail, in Ep. 3 when Morty breaks up with planetina🥺…. You can see the 2 graves from C-132 Rick and Morty hence we are stilling watching C-137 Rick and morty 🥱

  • Rino1909

    There’s one thing that may prove this theory wrong, and that’s the fact that space Beth showed up. How could this be the origin of evil morty who first appeared in season one, while space Beth was introduced in season 4. I may be wrong here but is anyone else thinking of this???

    • Ashtyn Acosta
      Ashtyn Acosta

      But like he said it could just be another version of Rick and space Beth

  • Bi Mil
    Bi Mil

    The secret of season five is that Rick and morty is dead, this season is straight trash. Rip

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh

    About the whole "morty still being 14" thing, I'm pretty sure the creators have said something about not having any birthday episodes as they want the characters to stay the same age, even if they have several Christmas episodes and such. Cartoon characters not aging isn't exactly anything new.

    • Nick Copley
      Nick Copley

      @Angry Combat Wombat go to ep3 and go to the frame of plantina leaving you can see the grave of c132

    • Angry Combat Wombat
      Angry Combat Wombat

      That doesn't make sense though because in shows where characters that don't age they don't acknowledge the timeline at the same time. The fact that they are openly acknowledging that the characters are progressing through time yet making a point of stating that Morty is still 14 in this episode seems like they are trying to hint at this being a different Morty. Also unlike other shows this show is literally centered around the idea of there being unlimited realities and versions of everybody so it's not far fetched at all to think that they are doing this intentionally.

  • senku

    this theory makes sense but in ep 7 some rick called the main rick c-137 so idk.

  • Evil Morty
    Evil Morty

    Morty doesn't stutter in this season.


    I disagree the mortiest morty is evil morty well was evil morty as hes morty C-137 because rick left him at a young age bc of his mind/he was dumb and couldn't be bothered and now is scarred and feels sorry showing in season 4 episode 1 when he cries at a baby morty the C-137 morty and at the end we see that Morty has been controlling a rick showing he has learnt how to make technology

  • a duck
    a duck

    I noticed that in this season rick stopped burping and drinking

  • Benjamin Gardiner
    Benjamin Gardiner

    I also noticed the 14 thing, it seemed way too obvious of a mistake for the writters to have made.

    • Skinva

      The writers already said that characters won't age troughout the serie

  • Jeffrey Mendoza
    Jeffrey Mendoza

    Okay this blew my mind especially since Rick isn’t drinking

  • ZadDan Cowboy
    ZadDan Cowboy

    11:45 THE ANSWER IS... Beth will let him down

  • ImTheBestMayne

    I think the ageing argument is a little weak, honestly. Rick and Morty has never been concerned with actually aging characters up. It feels kind of more like starting with a theory and trying to force things to work with it. I do like the idea of watching Evil Morty's arc, though. Also I somewhat feel like when the writings said there will be a lot of cannon in season 5, they are not necessarily talking about Morty. I personally think it will have to do more with Rick and Dianne.

  • Trillion Zillion
    Trillion Zillion

    Season 5 Rick barely *burps*

  • Sketchy DJs
    Sketchy DJs

    Before even watching the video this would explain why season 5 is just SO DRY in comparison to 1-4

  • Anshuman Sinha
    Anshuman Sinha

    But Rick says in one episode that he is Rick c-137

  • littleApricot_Princess

    I noticed a lot of fans were complaining about the season 5 so far & thanks to this video I realized why. Apparently, most of fans view most episodes as Rick and Morty with Rick C-137 & I doubt even before s5 most episodes are with Rick c-137. Yes, some episodes are even clear on that one but I can't believe fans didn't think that, for example, Christmas episodes might two different realities. Think about it. At the end of season one e11 Nancy ditched Summer, yet in S4, Christmas episode, Nancy appears & she's Summer's friend, they were listening to snake jazz. Just saying. I love the show so far & I love it's randomness. I think the writers are doing a good job & they actually still have infinite opportunities to keep this show going or ending. After all, the show is about adventures of Rick and Morty.

  • Jamie Yeo
    Jamie Yeo

    One thing to sort of break this.. when planatina is flying above house after the breakup the burial mounds are in back yard so it is 137 rick and morty

  • Ewiryh

    Whatever the reason may be that this season feels off, I hope it's planned, and not another 'gas leak year'.

  • Mystical 13
    Mystical 13

    6:00 No that's why he is not allowed to touch the ocean that's when he fucked the mermaid.

  • Varun Singh
    Varun Singh

    i know im a bit late, but i just want to say i think you missed something in the first episode of season 5, when rick and Mr. Nimbus where making the contract Mr. Nimbus says that he is king of the ocean, to which rick replies "the place where I sh*t? Go ahead" or something along those lines, wasn't rick being a shy pooper impotant to one of the themes or some character development or something, it's been a while since a watched rick and morty so i dont remember

  • Yodax Boi
    Yodax Boi

    Obviously mistakes lol

  • Rebeca Stoesser
    Rebeca Stoesser

    Dude. I thought u where on to my theory. Nah for me it’s always been evil morty. Our morty is evil morty. Always has been.

  • sage diamond
    sage diamond

    --- matt --- i'm guessing that when rick invented the portal gun, it was random ricks in multiverse who did it first n they started a rick slaughter like what we saw in the fake backstory, the ABC universe theory works but has also been convoluted because of ricks self hate self destructive nature destroying the "simple ricks" across the board and this is just his first multi-verse lapse...

  • TheGalek

    What if this was intentional and these are how they wanted the characters to act like this but then they realize that it’s a continuations error and realized “oh yeah… yeah… we can do this now…”

  • Rai Jolt
    Rai Jolt

    my mind is already blown and the season isnt even over yet...