Film Theory: How To SURVIVE Saw!
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Do you think you could SURVIVE a Saw movie? It seems like a logical question to have after witnessing the horror Jigsaw brings to people who are, arguably, just like us. Well Theorists, your buddy MatPat is here to help you do just that. This is not your average "how to beat every trap in Saw" kind of video. I am going to teach you the TRUE way to not die in a Saw movie. That's a good deed worthy of keeping me off Jigsaw's radar, right? Right?!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editor: AbsolutePixel and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • SoulKage

    you did not have to diss Jodie Whittaker on that doctor who joke lol

  • maddogkilla1

    Technically, according to this channels rules, nobody survived because everyone eventually dies in the end

  • Luís Mestre
    Luís Mestre

    Matpat, once again great video. I've watched all the jigsaw movies except the most recent one, and I think there's just one thing overlooked. We have to separate the games between 2 categories, those that were actually created and thought out by John Crammer, and the others thought by his "colleagues"/"followers". If you divide by that logic, the percentage of survival severly increases in John Kramer's games, because those games are the actual ones for "rehabilitation"

  • oscar

    The bring any tools from the last room to the next room is brilliant. Also taking a deseased body. Need a pound of flesh to stop a trap? Why use your own when you can butcher that dead body you brought with you. Need to win a trap? Just break it with that steel pipe you brought with you.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae

    Electric saw lives matter!! 🥲

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    Also you have to remember tho. Amanda rigged the traps where no matter what you do the trap kills you because she took out the features that you can escape the trap with. But if your going with jigsaw only and no helpers then yeah it's possible. If you add Amanda then you can't escape.

  • Colby Sherwin
    Colby Sherwin

    If I heard a bout a killer like Jigsaw in my home town. I’m moving as far away as possible

  • 《 GodShadow 》
    《 GodShadow 》

    5:33 He just eradicated Tumblr

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda

    So basically,enjoy life,cry for an hour and be a nice or decent person

  • lad

    Me:is in water box trap Also me:drinks the water John kramer:wait thats illegal

  • Robbie Torkelsonn
    Robbie Torkelsonn

    don't be a whiner on twitter ... is what he saying ... i think





  • Gabriella S.
    Gabriella S.

    5:57 Ha nice dr who reference there. Matt smith was definitely I favorite of mine by far

  • The no u Master
    The no u Master

    You sure the reverse bear trap would work on cap

  • Zezzlo

    So basically what I’m hearing, is that you have to be PERFECT to not die in saw?

  • Creeperjo7

    Number V Try not to be depressed Breaking news. Every human being on the planet has gone missing.

  • ※★➷♡𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓽 ♡➹★※
    ※★➷♡𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓽 ♡➹★※

    If you don't appreciate life/tried to off yourself, why would you even try to win???? I'm just saying, Jigsaw isn't making much sense-

  • dreamOrbZ

    Me who lives in an underground base: *pathetic...*

  • pinguim platinado
    pinguim platinado

    looks like SAWme people SAW SAW's SAWs and other SAW more SAWs from the SAW series. and me? i never SAW a single SAW movie. SAWmeone StAWp me (this last one was SAWWWW bad. i think i will go see a doctor...)

  • Darth Weenie
    Darth Weenie

    Jigsaw,Placer of Traps (============================). Boss Health Attack. Skill Item Piercing shriek. Cry None Run Sleep

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith

    Mat i already dress like cool kid john almost everyday. but i still subscribed.

  • Caitlin B
    Caitlin B

    heathers the musical is better a west end than the broadway

  • StormTheAlphaa !
    StormTheAlphaa !

    Me, who simply just stays away from people and never manages to make any connects with anybody from people in the saw universe. Saw: You have disconnected from people your entire life, and for that I will disconnect your limbs from your body, you have 5 minutes to try and escape.

  • Florelise Hardoy
    Florelise Hardoy

    jig saw: I want to play a game Me:jenga haaa pathetic

  • FAT Pigeon
    FAT Pigeon

    Dom would survive cause he

  • Edwyn Paradis
    Edwyn Paradis

    Did anyone else start paying attention to every single “S” in Matpats’ speech?

  • d007ization

    Ababababab, the son in the second movie was safe from the getgo. The inescapable trap was a horrid example too because it wasn't done by Kramer or his goons.

  • A Window
    A Window

    What I didn't notice this just came out, I thought it was like a year old lol.

  • Engineer gaming
    Engineer gaming

    This is the lockpickinglawer…

  • E O
    E O

    "Don't be a doctor..." Me, attending medical school: 👀

  • Veronica Accouche
    Veronica Accouche

    Don't live in America. Jigsaw doesn't travel away from North America, Mexico and South America. He must be afraid of water or flying.

  • lucky .01
    lucky .01

    Wait theres a new saw movie? I didnt know that. I gotta watch it immediately

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell

    I came up with these silly names Lechturegeist, Slenderella, and Grooters challenging myself with this new found hobby of mine going beyond what already has been thought up and going to that place not everyone is completely aware of the creativity which both me and my sister both have passed down a line from ancestors generations oh my sister wrote three on line stories see we never stop what we enjoy here now.

  • GuessWho195

    I wasn't expecting "Jigsaw said ACAB" to be a takeaway of this video and yet-

  • Quin Countryhumans
    Quin Countryhumans

    the inescapable traps and execution is hated ny john though as amanda set those up to be inescapable

  • Jean F. Colomine Franco
    Jean F. Colomine Franco

    I would really like to see a theory on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

  • 4Corry

    Can you do a film theory on how much it would cost to build all the traps?

  • Christopher Turgeon
    Christopher Turgeon

    Nobody died via a saw in Saw V, the two surviving contestants from the main game each "merely" bisected an arm with buzz saws. They got medical attention when the FBI arrived. The man appears again in Saw 3D wearing a cast on his arm. The woman is still conscious when the man is already passed out, and since he survived, it it logical that she did as well. They are also both canonically classified as having survived. Which I guess you knew because you showed them as 2 of the 4 survivors in the 4+ people game category, so chalk it up to an oversight and not an outright error, although that does discredit your death-by-saw and negative reviews correlation, as it is the lowest rated by multiple metrics.

  • N0V417 G
    N0V417 G


  • Otaku_GameFan

    I see. I never watched any of the movies. I don't think I'd ever want to. 😰 Once again, you're using cheap Animations as usual.

  • KalispellYT {KalicoKatYT}
    KalispellYT {KalicoKatYT}

    The pendulum trap was setup by the PHONY Jigsaw....

  • imbicthboi

    one lady got burned alive bc her husband lied, and she found out like 3 seconds before being cooked

  • bincx

    Dear Matpat, I hope this finds you in good health How come Barry Allen wears a special suit so his clothes don't fly off but when he carries someone to safety their clothes are perfectly fine

  • sayu

    listen the most unrealistic part of saw is the players having a will to live that powerful

  • Eli argumedo
    Eli argumedo

    Saw is like the TVA

  • Ty Gandy
    Ty Gandy

    Tbh Captain America could probably just hold the reverse bear trap open with his super strength and take it off or destroy it.

  • Nicholas Philip
    Nicholas Philip

    The funny thing is , if you watch Mad Max 1, the entire idea for saw is in the ending scene when max hand cuff a criminal to a burn car, leaves him a saw and tells him " you got 10 mins till the car blows, you can try to cut the chain but it wont work...." thus the criminal only option was to either cut off his foot meaning he would die regardless of the option...

  • joshua's fried chicken
    joshua's fried chicken

    im agiragfefe

    • joshua's fried chicken
      joshua's fried chicken


    • joshua's fried chicken
      joshua's fried chicken

      i agrege

  • Elliot

    God now that I think about it, this jigsaw guy is horribly corrupt

  • Trusic

    me: *watching this video* jigsaw: No no

  • Malevolent Snow
    Malevolent Snow

    Wait one of the victims was chosen because they were suicidal? Man that’s not horror, that’s just sad. What terrible way to bring depression and suicide to the public eye.

  • R Hartman
    R Hartman

    To be fair if you're in the environment and suspense and quick death, logic goes out the window and if you had logic it'd be easier to escape.

  • Ben Hazelden
    Ben Hazelden

    Where'd the into music go?

  • Jahangir Butt
    Jahangir Butt

    this video was pointless from the beginging because he would NEVER use the same trap twice

  • Sky Con
    Sky Con

    Like or hate the Saw franchise, a lot of the mechanisms used as traps ACTUALLY functioned. Also, the first time a character dies on camera being crushed between two walls. Also, the first Saw is an actual masterpiece. No one can change my mind

  • IHaveNoBrain

    4:23 It just gave me Gordon Ramsey vibes

  • Allayna Crudele
    Allayna Crudele

    Is saw/jigsaw real??? #iman8yroldwhogotscared

  • Obsidian Reborn
    Obsidian Reborn

    5:34 well, looks like mostly everyone will die for being in a 1.5 year lock down (depressed)

  • BlooHoots

    Number VIII Dont make a video about surviving saw

  • Landon Smith
    Landon Smith

    Is Kevin from home alone the kid version of the jigsaw killer

  • Bacon Boiz
    Bacon Boiz

    Jigsaw just wants to play a board game or a video game with you

  • AFL Dudes 11
    AFL Dudes 11

    Congratulations on 10millon sub

  • The Best Kuroo Tetsuro
    The Best Kuroo Tetsuro

    i would talk to saw and have a full on therapy session with him. like i never seen the series cause i'm a wimp, but i loooove talking. and i'm going to study therapy, either way

  • Pls Kill me
    Pls Kill me

    Saw would put me in a trap because of the fidget spinner I shoplifted 3 years ago

  • CardDex

    Ok who else got jump-scared by Shrek at 1:19

  • 『ozone005』

    Just don't get jigsaws attention

  • KidMonkeyKing

    I just realized your character’s image in this episode was wearing Absolute Pixel mercy. Nice 👍

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz

    Purple guy “Dang this guy is good!”

  • Blade_s0567

    People who saw saw Ryan George reference?😂😂

  • Serillane Jade
    Serillane Jade

    What if we do the same to him, IF HE APPRICIATE LIFE THEN *PROVE IT* he needs a lot lessons

  • Kasaen

    Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • BlastingLake 174
    BlastingLake 174

    You should just take normal pills

  • common pigeon
    common pigeon

    Also, I like the sea of thieves-red dead hoodie

  • Chloe and Leah
    Chloe and Leah

    done ive been subbed sir UwU

  • Katsumi_Editz

    Anyone: **breathes** Jigsaw and his pig mask cult: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  • Hacked

    The one way I would survive saw is by not being a jerk

  • PJ Salvador
    PJ Salvador

    12:26 Speedrunning Saw with a Flat screen tv.

  • ARE

    Better idea move far from america

  • Brady kids😇😇😇
    Brady kids😇😇😇

    Well ima die cause I’m in a tattletale group at school😰😱

  • computer. exe
    computer. exe

    Is that a Sea of thieves shirt I see on survivy patty?

  • Johnny Nieto
    Johnny Nieto

    Stay alseep 😂



  • OchiDO

    7:03 when he said do it got cut out and an ad was played jigsaw was probably like no you don’t get to live

  • OchiDO

    I love spiral but I hate the ending

  • Ether

    Too many saws

  • Rakoon

    I saw a saw saw sawing sauce.

  • Rakoon

    You know I "saw" that coming

  • Erica

    Just subbed to Shudder to check out Creepshow. First episode: STARRING TOBIN BELL And Gus Fring from Breaking Bad - this is great!

  • Bomber boy
    Bomber boy

    Easy Be the cameraman

  • D. Campbell
    D. Campbell

    tell me that matpat did not just call Jodie Whittaker a bad doctor

  • VirtuoSOS

    Can you become jigsaws aprentice to not be selected?

  • Man Adam7
    Man Adam7

    I saw saw and got traumatized by the saw because it was sawing

  • Kasaen

    Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • Ceverex

    Sea of thieves shirt?

    • Ceverex

      I love sea of thieves

  • HAPPY566


  • Drei Drei
    Drei Drei

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • Toy chica CZ
    Toy chica CZ


  • Toy chica CZ
    Toy chica CZ


  • Toy chica CZ
    Toy chica CZ

    i have own tactics but this is cool too ! :D