Film Theory: The Giant MONSTER Hiding in Shang-Chi! (Shang Chi Trailer)
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The future of Marvel remains a mystery and the world of Shang-Chi is no different. We know TOO MUCH for me to not suspect that some gigantic surprise is awaiting us in the movie. We know about The Mandarin and the Ten Rings. So what, Theorists, is the movie hiding? I have the answer but you will have to watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Yitong Wan
    Yitong Wan

    The way kevin feige pronounces is actually way closer to the actual Chinese pronunciation than what people say. So respect to him.

    • AiCDragon

      @刘志航 "I am a chinese"... funny. So am I. And kt depends on the dialect.

    • Elroy Satria wijaya
      Elroy Satria wijaya


    • ロッテ

      @Isaac Sheu you also don't pronounce the g in shang don't ask me I didn't invent the language

    • ロッテ

      @Isaac Sheu because it's not for the English language you missed where that's how it's pronounced in Chinese when the pinyin are spelt that way

    • Isaac Sheu
      Isaac Sheu

      That doesn't make sense even for English language. Maybe it's an approximation, but "Wang" is not pronounced like "Wong" and Shang is not pronounced like Shong.

  • Mr. Hello
    Mr. Hello

    "10 fingers, 5 on each hand" -Mat 2021

  • Ben Crane
    Ben Crane

    They're arm rings

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    I, I, I liked iron fist... Don't hurt me comments :(

  • J Scott 4 Reel
    J Scott 4 Reel

    I was a little insulted at the suggestion of the likelihood that I had not seen All Hail The King. I think you are underestimating MCU fans

  • plant

    I remember playing as fin fang foon in a lego marvel game

  • Book Breeze
    Book Breeze


  • aciinonyx :D
    aciinonyx :D

    Does anyone remember that animated iron man movie where the Mandarin controls a terracotta army?

  • Foxynth

    10:00 ...God I love Kung Fu Hustle.

  • Chroma Acrylic
    Chroma Acrylic

    Bet they're gonna rename the dragon to just "Fin" or "Fang"

  • Craig Raines
    Craig Raines

    It's a member of fing fang foom's race in the comics that bring the rings to earth so ya

  • Adrianplayz09

    I'm sorry matpat but last time you tried to predict something months before it came out that didn't end so well. Cough Cough FNAF 4 Cough Cough

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    Fin Fang Foom is gibberish. So they renamed him to The Guardian.

  • Ryan Mouak
    Ryan Mouak

    In one of the Shang Chi Chi lego sets there is actually a dragon but he doesn’t look like Fing Fang Foom Edit: I just heard Matt talk about them

  • Addlol

    I am convinced that I'm the only one who likes Iron Fist

    • marvel fan
      marvel fan

      Well your right

  • Tribork Doe
    Tribork Doe

    At the very least there’s no way fin fang foom is the great protector since the designs are far to different from fooms normal design

  • jacklanD

    SHONG SHI really matpat sorry but SHONG SHI

  • Necrocasmic

    Actually there's a old iron Man cartoon with the Mandarin and rings all In it

  • Samurex Atlas
    Samurex Atlas

    So, The Great Protector is NOT Fing Fang Foom, confirmed by someone working in the movie, I heard it on New Rockstars where they also showed the tweet. But we do know that for one reason or another, from the trailer, that Shang-Chi does end up meeting that sacred water dragon.

    • Samurex Atlas
      Samurex Atlas

      @Gaven Tovar No. shang-chi's father is trying to enter some mystical realm.

    • Gaven Tovar
      Gaven Tovar

      Maybe they have to stop Fin Fang Foom and help from The Great Protector is the only way they can.

  • JoeJr Playzz
    JoeJr Playzz

    Plot twist:Mat Pat is from the future and tells us stuff from the future

  • r3tr0 h4ckz
    r3tr0 h4ckz

    At this point this channel is only for spoilers and not theories

  • toastereel51

    yep giant dragon correct its in the trailer

  • ROY L
    ROY L

    Dont know if you know this but in one of the recent trailers, there is a person using eldritch magic against the abomination like giant implying that dr strange or wong might be in this movie or its just one of the students.

  • Simon Bodega
    Simon Bodega

    “Godlike characters” and then shows Falcon-

  • Zariuz The Great
    Zariuz The Great

    The new trailer confirms this theory

  • Edward Berryman
    Edward Berryman

    yess i didnt know the trailer came out now my non disclosure curse is obselete

  • Anon DaBomb
    Anon DaBomb

    Fing fang foom, this is at the ten bracelet point.

  • AG-F002

    U get a thumbs up. For the research into southern Shaolin Kung Fu. I do it. Good job

  • James Rosengrant
    James Rosengrant

    It's been confirmed that fing fang foom will not be in this movie. This dragon is someone else. Although everything else is lining up pretty good

  • FlyManWind

    The rings are probably eternal technology

  • Yordi

    Theory confirmed

  • Mr. Silver
    Mr. Silver

    MatPat chill on the weed.

  • Thabang Nkopane
    Thabang Nkopane

    What if the dragon is addition. lustful. Organised. Figurehead who wears cloth hes

  • Juan G. Anderson
    Juan G. Anderson

    Shàng qì

  • Rhea Chang
    Rhea Chang

    Nobody: Matpat: "he's a kung fu guy who mainly does kung fu things"

  • GlitchBlox

    U know, my english teacher told me once that the toys released to advertise a movie before it releases tells you a lot about the movie. Guess they were right.


    Sensei mat pat could Godzilla be in the marvel universe some day because he fought the avengers in the old marvel comics?

  • Zakjac Da gamer
    Zakjac Da gamer

    I’ll tell you it’s abomination vs Shang chi with a cage fight

  • Mr, balista
    Mr, balista

    Is it just me or do the rings remind me of the rings from Iron man armored adventure

  • Retz

    ...But Fin Fang Foom only has 8 fingers...? where do the other 2 rings go- oh... oh god...

  • Savage gameplays
    Savage gameplays

    You should do a theory on the new mortal combat movie

  • Srinikethana Home
    Srinikethana Home

    but fin fang foom was shown in iron man 1 as a movie poster.

  • Shabab Haider Siddique
    Shabab Haider Siddique

    My Eyeeees oh my eyeeees. I spent 3 years saving my eyes from watching Iphone Fist fight. What have you done.

  • J M
    J M

    This isn't a twist dude. This is just referencing the source material.

  • TastyOrca

    First time I watches this trailer I thought it was legend if the five rings related, big sad.

  • Nerf is Ryland
    Nerf is Ryland

    Grandpa Matt pat let’s go to bed

  • Djdirjrjr Mdmdjdjdjd
    Djdirjrjr Mdmdjdjdjd

    Thumbs aren’t fingers

  • Djdirjrjr Mdmdjdjdjd
    Djdirjrjr Mdmdjdjdjd


  • Phantom

    Fing fang foom was also hinted at in the new disney plus series M.O.D.O.K

  • Clairavoya-SSB

    definition of a ring- "a ring-shaped or circular object." It literally doesn't need to be finger rings and it's still a ring, so Fin Fang Foom could still be a big stretch honestly

  • AK Watch
    AK Watch

    Sooo, nobody noticed this was a plot point in the comics? Axonn-Karr is the Makluan that the Mandarin stole the rings from. You didn't need to look at the toys Matt, the plot point of the rings belonging to an alien dragon is already canon.

  • Jaycee Ocampo
    Jaycee Ocampo

    Going back here after seeing the new trailer and look at that they really showed a dragon

  • BiFrost MC
    BiFrost MC

    the ten rings are actually also called "the makulan rings" which is REALLY hinting to the fact that gfing fang foom brought them from outer space!

  • 出Enigma

    Ah yes, the most terrifying alien monster villain, *Fin Fang Foom*


    Ok the fight scenes arnt 5hat actually good but that because they were doing it so slow so it looked fake but besides that, I really liked the series, the characters, and ESPECIALLY the powers!!! Cmon I can't be the only one?!?!?!

  • FM2


  • GasmaskYT_

    Make another godzilla theory

  • Chris Sears
    Chris Sears

    5:38 - Personally, I was happy with Trevor. The Mandarin is such a minefield of cultural insensitivity that I was happy they sidestepped it completely.

  • TheRandomYoYo

    I was so hyped when I first heard of the mandarin as one of my first exposures was the original I am Iron Man cartoon show with that Mandarin and I loved the idea of the rings to collect and use. Hearing this here really get's my hopes up for a movie I would have otherwise ditched and watched the summary of as I was SURE the ten rings would just be the mcguffin without the actual fun Mandarin behind them. Hope you're right MatPat!

  • Benjamin Grant
    Benjamin Grant

    interested to see marvel try wuxia as a genre (or something similar to wuxia at least)

  • Jeremy Ramirez
    Jeremy Ramirez

    2.38 no not fin fang foom if so you have gone to far

  • Eliza Carrie
    Eliza Carrie

    I groaned loudly and angrily at the dragon ring reveal, not because I think he’s wrong or he’s gone off the deepend, because the idea is so ridiculous and stupid and I definitely think Disney and Marvel would ACTUALLY GO FOR IT 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ CMON MARVEL WHY CANT WE JUST LET ASIAN ACTION RINGS BE ASIAN ACTION RINGS no no no no it HASSSSS to be a mega monster gimmick

  • MysticBean420

    ✨toy leaks✨

  • Warmachine096

    shang chi is what im gonna stick with for the rest of the video. This might be painful

  • Sharvil Sharma
    Sharvil Sharma

    Shung chi and the ten breslets

  • CplHotPockets

    Looking at toy leaks to predict the show he's giving me serious halo infinite vibes

  • Cole Beyer
    Cole Beyer

    This guy has it down

  • Anke Van Lommel
    Anke Van Lommel

    When you realize Fin Fang Foom does not have 10 fingers

  • punklover99

    Chinese market? With the way the actors have said they aren't down with the CCP I don't think so

  • The BlueFox Den
    The BlueFox Den

    In the last add they showed the dragon

  • David Blass
    David Blass

    Huh. What do you know. Based on the latest trailer, looks like you were right.

  • red panda12
    red panda12

    In one of the lego marvel games there was a quest to unlock him by helping his fro yo called F.F.F.F fing fang fooms frozen yogurt in think it has been a while

  • Saucey Boi
    Saucey Boi

    Just saw the teaser/trailers for Ten Rings and Film Theory hit on the spot for the dragon

  • 51 Kunal Kadam
    51 Kunal Kadam

    Man this video is made for the normies.

  • Jake

    We’re totally getting abomination as a new Dark Avengers member

  • Pourpel

    Well watching the trailer, you were right about the D

  • Eva-Marie Alimezelli
    Eva-Marie Alimezelli

    This guy also does an excellent analysis

  • Hi


  • Reind Eater
    Reind Eater

    Iron Fist is my favorite Marvel show, 2nd is Luke Cage

  • Skelly

    Instead of fin fang foom it could be mangog, maybe?

  • Clint Johnson
    Clint Johnson

    Makes more sense since I’m pretty sure we saw fin fang foo in that last trailer.. Good call..

    • Clint Johnson
      Clint Johnson

      @Paarth Grover yeah.. I’m fully aware..

    • Paarth Grover
      Paarth Grover

      He is not fin fang foom he is being marketed as the great protector

  • Thijs Schols
    Thijs Schols

    Is iron fist actually that bad I wanted to watch it

  • Shosto

    Just watched the new trailer, MatPat got it right

  • Mr.Yellow Jacket
    Mr.Yellow Jacket

    HOW IS HE ALWAYS RIGHT?!?! I mean there's literally a GIANT DRAGON in the new Trailer!!!!!!

  • Ronald Pacada
    Ronald Pacada

    How did he guess the dragon JUST HOOOOWWW

  • Antonio Ortiz
    Antonio Ortiz

    Do a bo burnham dissection theory about the message he was trying to convey.

  • K. Badguy
    K. Badguy

    MatPat, we don't care if we offend any chinese or the China overlords. Stop walking on eggshells.

  • Kyce Essadki
    Kyce Essadki

    opinion iron man 3 was the best iron man movie, people didn't like it because of the mandarin. I am 15 so I didn't grow up reading the comics, i knew the mandarin from the animated iron man tv series where everyone was in high school but that was it, so from an out of context view point this movie was great, the twist wasn't

  • Kyce Essadki
    Kyce Essadki

    "Shang chi is a very obscure character" marvel studios - yes, that is our job

  • kristian demmers
    kristian demmers

    I only know mandarin because I watch iron Man armored adventures


    Wow, you know almost as much about this movie as I do.

  • • trįpłęB•
    • trįpłęB•

    Congratulations, your theory is correct.

  • GordonTheGamer

    now it is confirmed we will not see fin fang foom but we will see a dragon in the movie

  • Tariq Clarke
    Tariq Clarke

    Iron Fist season 2 was pretty good tho

  • BN_Andrew

    Except for the fact that Fin Fang Foom has 4 fingers on each hand, which adds up to 8 fingers. Where do the rest 2 rings go ?

  • Fallen Epoch
    Fallen Epoch

    Question have you seen the trailer because there is literally a scene where there is A DRAGON

  • Maraz Rahman
    Maraz Rahman

    The new trailer has has fin fang foom in it!! You were right!

    • BN_Andrew

      *Has a dragon that isn't Fin Fang Foom.

  • Leo Degon
    Leo Degon

    Ring is a shape, not necessarily a fashion accessory.

  • Linc 215
    Linc 215

    They put the rings on his wrists so that people didn’t think “infinity gauntlet” when they see the movie. Edit: they will not be using Fing Fang Foom because it sounds racist. (Fact)

  • Adrian Rocha
    Adrian Rocha

    omg, he mentioned kung fu hustle I love that movie I had it on DVD and watched it in every available language because English was not an option.