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  • Leroy van Ommen
    Leroy van Ommen

    5:32 Gotta say, My man here can sing!

  • Fransiscò

    Wait captain america went back in time to before he was frozen so it could be true!


    Hope mar-vel makes it.

  • Local LOVE
    Local LOVE

    Witchboard was the superior Ouija movie anyway HAHA, but, the board it no toy and I agree to avoid it.


    Wait what skill it scar holding?

  • Dr Arunakumari Garaga
    Dr Arunakumari Garaga

    Matpat who is gonna save China Me be like let it die it’s better out of existence

  • Fred Estela
    Fred Estela

    I think it was the cap that went back to be with Peggy

  • Misty Walker
    Misty Walker

    I play soccer, i am clueless

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants

    I want Yelana back!

  • J Scott 4 Reel
    J Scott 4 Reel

    I was a little insulted at the suggestion of the likelihood that I had not seen All Hail The King. I think you are underestimating MCU fans

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants

    I mean, not all stalkers turned out bad. I mean, Tim drakes doin just FINE

  • Toughen Yourself Up
    Toughen Yourself Up

    The end though.. as if Captain America would ever vouch for people to voluntarily give up their person freedoms just to quarantine like a bunch of pansies just because they are told to be scared.

  • Raf Tv
    Raf Tv

    8:35 what a simp

  • Sha Fakiri
    Sha Fakiri

    I mean morty

  • RandomPerson DoingThings
    RandomPerson DoingThings

    Most horrifying thumbnail I have seen in weeks I'm so glad that it's not night time

  • Sha Fakiri
    Sha Fakiri

    Is Rick and Marty just back to the future

  • gamer123

    im watching this 5 months late his perdictions right

  • Santiago Martínez
    Santiago Martínez

    I M P O S T O R ? A M O G U S

  • Doug

    0:35 hammand himself said they modified the T.Rex's speed up to 25 miles an hour and the same T rex in jurassic park is in jurassic world therefore it is impossible for claire to out run the T.Rex

  • Jack Monteiro
    Jack Monteiro

    If this theory isn’t real, then this show has no hope😢

  • Ethan Vasquez119
    Ethan Vasquez119

    That’s why Marvel is doing so well because they stick to one universe not stop halfway and start with something new

  • Honey Retro
    Honey Retro

    Shawng- shiii????

  • Ethan Vasquez119
    Ethan Vasquez119

    They should have added to the dark night movies

  • J&M Desert Adventures
    J&M Desert Adventures

    What if the lower rings are powered by the cleanse and that's why the native demons are working against charlie?

  • Batman The Caped Crusader
    Batman The Caped Crusader

    I think he fought an older captain America who travelled back in time in endgame and somehow existed in main timeline. This would be a fun theory.

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants

    10 mil! Congrats 😎

  • jervin

    Steph going to Vormir in normal clothes while MatPat wore combat attire is just a mood.

  • Cashagon

    Gendered swapped characters in Marvel is nothing new or interesting.

  • Alice

    sophie is wearing red though???

  • red_rex_13 MTD
    red_rex_13 MTD

    Or cap we t back in time and took the stones back he could have fought him then?

  • Sr Pi
    Sr Pi

    I have one doubt it was said that the super-soldier serum would amplify everything in a person then why the heck didn't Steve Rogers' asthma 'AMPLIFY'?

  • Robert Ryan Mallare
    Robert Ryan Mallare


  • Vicki Graely
    Vicki Graely

    Wow to think ov it caiptan America and falcon series was really hyped up then it wasnt that good

  • samoyed lover
    samoyed lover

    Yeah living in one space isn't enough to keep me happy 9:20

  • jacob murray
    jacob murray

    Time for book theory and color it Blue

  • WallyStudios


  • Myskaa

    Love the video but you got to stop spoiling falcon and the winter soldier I was at episode 2 😂

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh

    Congrats on 10 million subs Mathew Pathew !! Now only Food is left

  • samoyed lover
    samoyed lover

    Just like Thanos once said "really is often disappointing" and I agree 👍😐

  • CallMeEn

    Some easter eggs, in the first episode of season 5 we can see one of the crystal showing rick as a terorist in Lawnmower Dog back in Season 1. If the crystals are showing possible futures, then doesn't it mean this episode is somewhat a flashback?

  • Zak1 Ansari
    Zak1 Ansari

    did you say family

  • Jude The Dude
    Jude The Dude

    Somtimes I wonder why I watch this but I do it

  • Mimikyu_YT

    I always laugh at and the creator of super toast

  • Jacob TheGarcia
    Jacob TheGarcia

    Wait brrrrrrro he said imposter

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith

    Notice at the end of season 3, this cat is seen with Mr, poopybutthole.

  • The Crazy Mystical Creature
    The Crazy Mystical Creature

    My favorite character is Sir Pentious

  • Bowser

    Part 2 when

  • detective pear
    detective pear

    in kung fu panda 3 oogway said that he choose po because the pandas of the past did chi and when he saw him he knew po would learn chi and save the valley of peace

  • I think I’m confused
    I think I’m confused

    If any of you are interested, Ed Brubakers Captain America vol 1 #602 from 2010 was where burnside was first brought back and explained during the arc Two America’s. Honestly you should just read Brubakers entire run. The winter soldier was introduced in this same run. It went from 2004-11. It’s about 70 or so issues. It’s one of my favorite runs ever and for a good reason. If you love both captain America and the winter soldier and have never read comics before, this is a must.

  • MrmcgamesYT

    Just become nocturnal. It's simple, and if your an introvert like me it makes you feel better

  • Lewa_Phantoka

    That thumbnail: exists Me: A M O G U S

  • jose reyes
    jose reyes

    William Burnside is the Captain America that half of America appreciates apparently lol

  • Jack Quick
    Jack Quick

    6:16 your welcome

  • Jacob DiMaggio
    Jacob DiMaggio

    3:57 typical MatPat 😂😂

  • Mark Petrov
    Mark Petrov

    I'm surprised that none of the top comments mention spindly Johnny.

  • toonster16

    I think Red Guardian fought Isiah Washington.

  • SOS

    didn't know this video existed

  • Aryan Sawant
    Aryan Sawant

    Well yes, but actually no

  • Siisi Adentwi
    Siisi Adentwi

    Number 1fan:hi matpat 🙃. DIDN'T You QUIT DIET COKE (I'm a child that isn't scared of anything including your channels like f.theory g.theory.

  • Nikola Jevtic
    Nikola Jevtic

    Or he made it up in jail. Whoaaa, people make up stories while in jail?

  • Sniperman15427

    next walten files theory when? they posted an hour long tape 3 video

  • Jasper Green
    Jasper Green

    I’m sorry but that theory is impossible because there is a frozen two in the future but when this video was made frozen two was not here

  • Owen Nguyen
    Owen Nguyen

    R.I.P Steph and 10 years of her life…

  • tobocsus 2
    tobocsus 2

    guys he said imposter

  • Jerry Gao
    Jerry Gao

    Matpat predicted Shayne and he was right lol

  • Madina Sutton
    Madina Sutton

    The present basket advisably bump because thing acceptably last astride a orange snake. jaded, automatic stock

  • justin Y.
    justin Y.

    Im with you there Matpat Diet Coke is the best choice...

  • tremerefury

    The event you referred to as the "Second" Secret War is actually the Fourth Secret War.

  • mark stephen sajul
    mark stephen sajul

    Few words from me 10 page ora,dora,muda beat down speed times 10 bites the dust destroy time

  • Lana Stevens
    Lana Stevens

    this is one of my fav movies and lol, i got as far as “plan to murder heather” SoRrY dude i just can’t watch the rest 😂

  • cutie pie
    cutie pie

    Imagine the winter soldier vs the red gardien?

  • neoholmen

    red guardian is honestly one of my new favorites 😂 he is so funny and Harbor does an amazing job!! 😂😂

  • Tyler Thornberry
    Tyler Thornberry

    I mean are we forgetting that Cap went back in time… it’s never said that he didn’t do anything, just that he didn’t get involved with the past events of the avengers. So it is very possible that he did things on his own and fought him during the time that he was frozen as those years do take place before any major event in the MCU timeline

  • ChillPlushBros

    Dear matpat, I actually think I found someone stronger than shaggy. Well 100% ultra instinct shaggy. Reply if you want to know who.

  • that dude 2
    that dude 2


  • MKY YT
    MKY YT

    This is funny now that ive seen the movie

  • SaviorLemons

    This is the type of horror that is really really interesting. The horror that is unsettling, untamed, not burden by any production studios or complex deep psychological analysis, But nerve racking, bloody, disturbing, distorted.

  • blob Nicholas Gabe Namora Sihombing
    blob Nicholas Gabe Namora Sihombing

    Tunes doesn't cheat they are cartoons they can do whatever they want